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Changing text color

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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Change the color of the entire text box 

Click the text box, selecting it from the bounding box.

Click the Color Tool droplet icon in the top toolbar. 

Change the color with the color picker, Brand Kit or Swatch Colors, or use the eyedropper to select a new color. As soon as you click on or select a color, it will change on the canvas. 

A partial view of a canvas in the upgraded Venngage Editor shows a template with a blue background and a text box containing black text in a cursive font. A user clicks on the text box to select it; new tools in the top toolbar become visible as the text box is selected. The user clicks on the Font color icon (which appears as a capital letter 'a' with a colored bar underneath it) and opens the Color Tool widget, which expands to display different color tiles and tools for adjusting the color of the text. The user clicks on a color under Brand Kit and changes the color of the text from black to light blue. The user then adjust the color in the color picker tool, changing it to white.

Change the color of individual letters, words or lines in the text box 

Click into the text box to edit the text inside. Select the text or letters you want to change the color of; you can do this with your cursor or keyboard.

Click the Color Tool droplet icon in the top toolbar and change the color with the color picker, Brand Kit or Swatch Colors, or the eyedropper. The colors will change automatically on the cavas as you click with your cursor or select with your keyboard.


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