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Changing page orientation

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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Set the page orientation to landscape or portrait

On the toolbar above the editor, click Settings.

Under Custom Page Size, use the Portrait and Landscape icons to change the orientation of your design page, clicking on the one you'd like to use.

A close-up of the Custom Page Size section of the Settings tool, with a blue line encircling the page orientation icons: Portrait (the longest side of the page is vertical) and Landscape (the longest side of the page is horizontal).


Undo changes you've made 

The option to Undo changes to your design pages size will appear as soon as you make changes to the size or orientation in the Settings

A design canvas is open in the Venngage Editor, with the heading COVID-19 Tips for K-12 Schools and various icons and paragraphs with subheadings relating to this topic. A user selects Settings from the top toolbar and the menu opens. Under the first section, Page Resize, a grey 'Undo' button appears next to a drop-down menu of page sizes. The page size is listed as 'Custom', as the user has changed the dimensions of the design canvas using the Custom Page Size tool. The user clicks the Undo button. The page size listed under the Page Resize section in the Settings menu changes from Custom to Letter, and the design canvas shifts, becoming wider and fitting the content on the page.


Click the grey Undo button beside the drop-down menu of standard page sizes under Page Resize.


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