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Checking comment notifications

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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Notifications make it easy to see a list of the comments your Team or Group Members left on your design.

Open your shared design

Access the design you shared with your Team or Group. You can do a few different ways:

Click "Edit" on the template thumbnail to open it in the Editor. 

Check your notifications

In the top toolbar of the Editor, click the Notifications (bell) icon; when you have new or unread notification, the icon will have a red background.

From the Notifications menu, you can read your notifications or click on each notification to open the comment on the design canvas.

A canvas appears in the Venngage Editor with a yellow gradient background and a white and blue map of Canada. One comment pin, with the initials 'PG', is visible on the canvas. The Editor is bordered by a yellow frame, with the Comment Mode drop-down menu visible at the center in the middle. Above the canvas, tools appear in the top toolbar, including Settings, Download, Preview and Share. The Comment Mode icon, a speech bubble, is highlighted in yellow, the same color as the Comment Mode border around the canvas. To the right of the Comment Mode icon, the Notifications icon appears. The icon is the outline of a bell, and it appears on a red background. A user clicks on the Notifications icon and it opens a widget displaying the new comments on the canvas. At the top of the widget, a n action appears that allows the user to mark all the comments as read. Underneath this, comments on the canvas are displayed. The new comment has a red dot next to it in the widget. The user clicks the comment notification, and is redirected to the comment on the canvas, which expands from the pin. The user clicks the resolve icon in the top of the comment widget, and the widget collapses, and the comment pin becomes transparent. The user clicks on the Notifications icon in the top toolbar again; it now appears without a red background. In the widget, the comment now appears without a red dot next to it, as it is marked as read.



If you have multiple comment notifications,
use the Notifications menu to clear them. Click the
Notifications icon in the top toolbar and then click
"Mark all as read" to clear the notifications.
Don't worry, they'll still be visible in the 
notification history!

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