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How can I get comments on my designs or on a design I'm working on in a Team or Group?

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Renée Meloche
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Sharing to your team (Business)

Share the design you want to get comments on by turning on Sharing with your team. You can do this either from the thumbnail of your design on the My Designs homepage or using the "Share" button on the top toolbar within the Editor while you're working on your design.



Add an optional message when you enable Sharing
on a design. Ask your team to review your design
or leave a comment. Type your message in the box
under "Would you like to share this design to your
team by email?" and click "Send." To share the
design without sending an email message,
click "Don't Send". 


From the Venngage homepage 'My Designs' section, the user hovers over the preview tile of a design and clicks 'Share'. A Share with others modal (box) appears, and the user clicks the toggle to turn on Share with Team.


Now members of your Team can see your design under "Team Designs" (accessible from the left sidebar on the Home page) and can leave comments by opening the design and using the Comment Mode feature.

Sharing in a Group (Enterprise)

From the My Designs page or in the Editor while you're working on a design, click "Share". In the "Share with Groups" modal (box), enter the name of the Group(s) you'd like to share your design with. When you've selected with the Group(s) you want, click "Share".

Members of the Group will be able to see your design and access it by clicking "Edit" and leave comments. You can see the designs you've shared with each Group by clicking on the Group name under your organization name (located in the Home page left sidebar).

From the Venngage homepage 'My Designs' section, the user hovers over the preview tile of a design and clicks 'Share'. A 'Share this design' modal (box) appears, and the user types the name of a group into the text field under 'Share with groups'. The user then scrolls down in the left sidebar under their organization name and selects the Group they shared the design to. When the user clicks on the Group, the design they shared is visible in that Group's page.


The feature(s) discussed in this article is available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Business and Enterprise.

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