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Adding a list

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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Add a bullet (unordered) list or numbered (ordered) list to a text box. 


Bulleted List.png



Select the text you want to style with a list. You can do this a few of ways: 

  • Hit 'Return' (Enter) on your keyboard at the start of each line, then select the text and apply the list styling by clicking the button in the top toolbar.
  • Select the text you want to include in the list; apply the list style; then go to the end of each line item of your list and hit 'Return' (Enter) to add a new point.
  • Add a text box; then select the list style in the top toolbar to apply it to the entire text box. Type your list items, hitting 'Return' (Enter) to start a new bullet or numbered item as you go. 


Numbered  List.png



To remove or change list styling, select the list text and click the list style in the top toolbar until it is removed; to remove the styling from one line in the list, click into that line and then click on the list style to remove it or change it. 




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