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Undo or redo a change

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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When you make a change on your canvas, you can take it back or repeat it with the Undo and Redo tools. 
When these tools are available, they appear in the top toolbar as circular arrows: "Undo" points backward and "Redo" points forward.  
A closeup of the

Click the Back arrow to Undo to cancel an action.

Click the Forward arrow to Redo and repeat an action that you've undone.


A user pulls an image of a monkey into the Venngage editor, onto their design canvas. They place the image, then use the 'Undo' button in the top toolbar to remove the image.


Use the keyboard controls to Undo and Redo actions even faster:





(Command) + Z

Ctrl + Z


(Command) + Y

Ctrl + Y


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