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Release Notes June 17–30

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
  • Updated

🦾 Improvements to our upgraded Editor

💡 New Features

Edit accessible designs in the upgraded Editor on MOBILE

  • User your mobile device to access any of your designs in the upgraded Editor; just open on your mobile browser.

On a mobile phone screen, a user makes edits to a template in the upgraded Editor entitled 'Diversity and Inclusion Terminology', including moving and resizing icons, using the accessibility checker tool, and moving a text box.

Download presentation slides in PowerPoint format

  • Business and Enterprise users can now download their PowerPoint designs from the upgraded Editor —any slide or presentation template is exportable in *.pptx file format.
  • We've integrated the icons8 library into our upgraded Editor! Search, filter and access to hundreds of new icon images to use in your designs, in addition to exclusive icons only available from Venngage!

In the upgraded Venngage Editor, a user clicks on the Icons menu in the left sidebar to expand it. A panel displaying several different categories of icons, and a Search bar at the top, appears. The user types 'fruit' in the Search bar and returns hundreds of results of both monochrome and colorful icons, showing various types of fruit in different illustration styles. The user scrolls down the thumbnail gallery of icons, and expands the results several time, revealing more icons.

*NEW* Histogram charts and customizable suffixes and prefixes for chart labels

In the upgraded Editor (desktop), a user clicks on the Charts tool in the left sidebar to expand the menu and adds a Histogram type chart to the design canvas. The chart appears on the canvas; the user clicks on the chart to select it, resizes it, then clicks 'Edit Chart' in the top toolbar. The right fly-over panel opens with chart settings, and under one heading on the panel titled 'Number Format', two text fields appear for Prefix and Suffix. The user types a '$' symbol into the prefix text field and the symbol appears in front of the labels under the columns in the histogram on the design canvas. The user deletes the symbol from the Prefix text field and the symbol disappears from the chart on the canvas. The user types a '%' symbol into the text field next to Suffix, and the percentage symbol appears at the end of each of the number labels under the columns in the histogram on the design canvas.

⚒️ Improvements

Pages added or deleted notification

A close-up of the bottom corner of a design canvas in the upgraded Editor; a notification in white text over a black bar, with a green check mark beside it, appears. It reads 'Page Added' and includes an option for the user to Undo.



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