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What new tools and features are available in the upgraded Editor?

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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Our team has been hard at work creating a slick, powerful upgraded version of the classic Venngage Editor that makes creating your next infographic, report or poster (and more!) as easy as can be. 

Features you'll only see in our upgraded Editor

Tools for creating accessible designs

Editing templates

  • Preview the pages in your design with the thumbnails in the Page Manager
  • The undo and redo tool retains your change history when you navigate away from the page you're working on
  • Template pages load faster when you're opening them in the Editor, and switching from page to page in a multi-page design template
  • An expanded canvas space makes it easier to see and change design details
  • Make more styling changes to multiple objects at once with multi-select
  • Undo and redo now applies to adding and deleting pages within your design

Visual elements and interactive effects

Technical stuff that might not be obvious, but will improve your experience:

  • Elements that you copy over from one page to another in a multi-design template are pasted in the same position as they were copied from
  • Clicking and dragging over multiple elements to multi-select won't pick up elements locked to the canvas 

What we're working on

  • Chart types like combo charts, scatterplots; treemap charts; half-pie, funnel, and pyramid charts; bubble maps and charts; stacked and cloud bubble charts
  • More data formatting and legend styling options for existing and new charts
  • Linking to pages within a design template
  • Print bleed guides to ensure your template prints perfectly the first time
  • Add page numbers in different styles to your template pages
  • More customization of headers and footers
  • Copying designs and saving templates from inside the Editor 
  • Icons with customizable diverse skin tones 
  • Commenting on designs within your Team
  • Control the grid size when using the grid overlay feature in the upgraded Editor
  • Export your 50+ page designs from the Editor (for Business and Enterprise users)


Questions or comments? We want to hear from you!

Chat with us using the messenger in our Help Centre, 
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