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Release Notes June 1 –16 2023

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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💡 New Features

Restore deleted designs, generate cards with DesignAI

On the My Designs page of the Venngage homepage, several design thumbnails appear under the heading 'Designs'. The first design under the heading is entitled 'Annual Report Cover Template'. A user clicks on the kebab menu (three vertical dots) next to the title on the design thumbnail; a widget menu opens, with the options Preview, Make a Copy, Save as Template, Move to Folder and Move to Trash. The user selects 'Move to Trash'. The design thumbnail disappears from underneath the Designs heading. The user moves their cursor to the left sidebar, indicating the 'Trash' link there, and clicks on it. The Trash page loads in the right view pane. the design 'Annual Report Cover Template' appears under the Trash heading, as the user has successfully moved it to the Trash.

  • Use Venngage's DesignAI to generate a customizable greeting card quickly and efficiently!

On the My Designs Page, under the 'Suggested' tab, a user clicks 'Generate' to create a customizable greeting card, which they then open to edit in the Venngage Editor.


🦾 Improvements to our upgraded Editor

Our upgraded Editor has been available to all of our users for two months now! Have you checked out the accessible designs and new features in the upgraded Editor yet? 

On a design with a dark blue background in the Venngage Editor, a user selects a hexagonal shape. The top toolbar shows multiple different tools that allow the user to customize the shape. The user clicks on the Shapes widget, which opens a drop-down showing small icons that represent the different shapes available. The user selects a square shape, which replaces the hexagon on the canvas; then the user selects a circle, which replaces the shape, then a quarter circle. The user closes the widget.

A horizontal stacked bar chart appears on a light blue background of a design canvas in the upgraded Venngage Editor, under the heading 'Public sector industries are projected to grow faster than education and technology over the next decade'. The chart has three bars; each bar has three different colored section, including purple, green, and dark blue. The chart's Y-Axis is labelled 'Industries' and the three bars are labelled A, B and C, respectively. The X-Axis is labelled 'Percentage of organizations' and underneath it, a legend appears, indicating that the dark blue represents the decade 2010; the green represents the decade 2020; and the purple represents the decade 2030. A user clicks on the chart to select it, and clicks Edit Chart in the top toolbar. A fly-over panel opens in the right side of the canvas. The panel is labelled Edit Chart, and has two tabs: Data and Setup. The 'Data' tab is selected. On the tab, the spreadsheet with the chart's data is visible. The user indicates the section above the spreadsheet, where an action box labelled 'Import CSV or XSLX files' appears, and then clicks on the Browse Files button next to it. A pop-up window appears over the Editor, a file explorer, which the user navigates, selecting an xslx file from the explorer. The data from the spreadsheet automatically imports into the spreadsheet on the Edit Chart Data panel in the upgraded Venngage Editor, and the data on the stacked bar chart on the design canvas changes to reflect the new data in the spreadsheet.


The feature(s) discussed in this article is available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Free, Premium, Business and Enterprise.

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