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Release Notes April 1 –14 - 🌱 Expanding our icons catalog with icons8; 🖼️ enhanced photo resolution

Renée VG
Renée VG
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💡 New Features

A user enters the search term 'dog' into the icons8 web site search bar and brings back dozens of results of icons of dogs. The user clicks into the Venngage Editor and, in the left sidebar, the icon menu is open and also displays the results of the search for 'dog' icons. The icons displayed in the results returned on the icons8 website all appear in the left sidebar of the Venngage Editor. The user scrolls through the icons.

Screenshot 2023-04-17 at 1.37.52 PM.png


🔧 Improvements

  • We resolve to be better! Stock photo image resolution is now enhanced to the highest possible quality, so no more grainy or blurry image returns and photos stretch nicely to cover the entire document background. 

A side-by-side comparison of the same image, cropped to show a white tiled tabletop. Two people are sitting at the table and resting their arms on the table top. One person is holding a smartphone, and there is a glass and a notebook on the table between them. In the photo on the left, the image resolution is lower and therefore grainier. The image on the right shows a crisper image with better resolution and more pixel density, making the details clearer.


🦾 Improvements to our upgraded Editor

On a close-up, cropped section of an accessible design slide in the upgraded Editor, a user right-clicks on an icon of a light-skinned person wearing a dark jacket and holding an oversized green pen. The icon is grouped with three other icons, including a large laptop and a light-skinned person wearing a red shirt and holding a book. A context menu appears, and the user selects 'Ungroup' which ungroups the icon. The user then right-clicks on the icon of the person with the oversized pen and selects 'Lock' from the context menu, which locks the icon to the design canvas. The user then right-clicks on another icon, a white rectangle, and selects 'Duplicate', creating an exact copy of the white rectangle icon on the design canvas.


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