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Remove a design from Team Designs

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Renée Meloche
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Don't want a design to appear on the Team Designs page? Use the toggle under Sharing to turn off sharing for a design, or delete it directly. 

Turn the Sharing toggle off 

Access the Share modal.

From the My Designs page, move your cursor over the design you want to unshare, and either: 

click the Share option

A close-up of design thumbnails on a user's My Designs page. A user hovers their cursor over the middle of three design thumbnails, entitled Gradient Pitch Deck. A button appears over the middle of the thumbnail that says Edit, and in the top-right corner a Share icon (a square bracket rotated horizontally with an upward arrow above it) becomes visible. The user clicks the Share icon.

or open the design in the Editor by clicking Edit and click Share in the top toolbar. 

From the My Designs page, a user moves their cursor over a design thumbnail and clicks Edit. The design opens in the Venngage Editor. The user clicks the Share button in the top right corner of the top toolbar and the Share modal opens over the design canvas.


From the Share modal, click the Share toggle to move it into the "off" position. Click "OK" on the pop-up that confirms turning off sharing will remove other Team members' access to the design.

On the My Designs page of Venngage Home, a user moves their cursor over the thumbnail of a design titled 'TEMPLATE Accounting Letterhead', and clicks the 'Share' icon in the top right corner of the design thumbnail. The 'Share with others' modal opens over the page. Under the modal heading, a subheading 'Share with team' appears with a toggle next to it. The toggle is in in 'on' position. The user clicks on the toggle to turn it off, and a pop-up appears at the top of the screen that reads 'If you turn off sharing other people in this design will be kicked out.' There are two buttons at the bottom of the pop-up: Cancel, and OK. The user clicks OK, and the toggle in the Share with other modals moves to the off position. The user clicks the 'X' in the top right corner of the Share modal and closes the modal, returning to the Team Designs page.

Delete the design

Delete the design if you no longer need it, or if you've made a copy.

This will permanently delete the design from Team Designs and your My Designs

From the Home page, click on Team Designs in the left sidebar. This page shows you all of the designs your team has shared, and any folders created to organize them.

A user on the My Designs Venngage homepage clicks on Team Designs in the left sidebar, which loads the Team Designs page and displays three design thumbnails that have been shared.


Click on the kebab (three vertical dots) menu on the design thumbnail of the design you want to delete. 

Click "Delete Design" and confirm by clicking Delete on the modal that comes up.

On the Team Designs page of the Venngage homepage, a user clicks on the kebab menu of a design thumbnail entitled Modern Sequoia Capital Pitch Deck. A drop-down menu appears and the user selects 'Delete Design' at the bottom of the options. When the user clicks Delete Design, a modal appears over the page with the heading 'Delete' with the text 'Are you sure you want to delete this design? You will not be able to retrieve it.' Underneath the text are two buttons: Cancel and Delete. The user clicks Delete. The modal closes, and the Modern Sequoia Capital Pitch Deck design thumbnail no longer appears on the Team Designs page.


You can also delete a shared design from your My Designs page, and it will be removed from Team Designs.



Business users can save templates for other members
of their organization to create copies of in Team Templates,
or share collaborative designs for members to
work on together in Team Designs

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