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Release Notes March 1–17, 2023

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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💡 New Features

Custom image uploads in the upgraded Editor

Upload your own images via the left sidebar Uploads tool in the upgraded Editor. Supported uploads include JPG/JPEG, PNG and GIF format. 

A partial view of the upgraded Venngage Editor is open, with a file explorer window over the design canvas. In the left toolbar, the Uploads tool is open. A user clicks and holds to drag an image file from the file explorer into the Image Uploads tool in the left sidebar panel. The image appears as a thumbnail under the Image Uploads.


Any images you've uploaded in our classic Editor will appear in the upgraded Editor under the Uploads tool.


Color contrast checker tool for background and text

Check the contrast ratio between the background color and the color of text  to see whether it meets Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, on your desktop or mobile device.

A user on the Venngage Color Contrast Checker page inputs different foreground and background colors using the slider tool. On the right side of the page the changes to the color are reflected in the background of an image and example text. At the bottom of the page, the Contrast Ratio number changes to reflect the contrast ratio between the background and foreground (text) colors.


🔧 Improvements

Show up to 100 icons in an icon chart

Choose any number from 1 to 100 for the number of icons that display in an icon chart. 

A close-up of an icon chart in the upgraded Editor. The icon chart has 100 icons, which is reflected by the selected option in the drop-down menu in the top toolbar for the icon chart.


The feature(s) discussed in this article is available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Free, Premium, Business and Enterprise.

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