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Organize designs in a Group with Folders (Admins)

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"Admins" are users with an administrator role on an Enterprise account.

As an admin, you can create as many Folders as you want in any Group, and move any designs in a Group into a Folder, or remove any design from a Folder. You can delete or rename Folders in any Group.

Create a new Folder in a Group

In your Group, click the green "New Folder" button in the view pane, or, if this is your first Folder, click the box under the page title that says "Create New Folder" (pictured below):

Close up of the Groups Folders page with the page title visible and a bounded box that says Create New Folder beside an icon of a folder with a plus sign.

In the "New Team Folder" modal (box) that appears, type the title you want to give your new Folder. Don't worry, if it's not right, you can change it later. Click "Create" to create the new folder or "Cancel" to opt out.

Move a design into a Folder

There are two ways you can move a design into a Folder in a Group.

➡️ Drag and drop the design tile

Click and hold on the preview tile of the design you want to move in the Group and drag it over to the Folder, then release:

User clicks into a Group from the left sidebar, then hovers over a design preview tile. The user clicks and drags the design toward the Folder in the Group and releases, and the Design disappears from the Group Designs page into the Folder.

➡️ Use the Kebab menu

Open the options menu by clicking the Kebab icon next to the title.

Click 'Move to Folder,' then select the Folder you want to move the design to, and click 'Move.' This is particularly useful if your Groups have a long list of Folders to choose from!

When you move the design, it will disappear from the main Group page or its current Folder. A message will appear notifying you that your design has been moved. You can then open the Folder to view your design's new location.

Remove a Design from a Folder

In the Group page, click on the Folder you want to remove the design from.

Open the options menu by clicking the Kebab icon next to the title.

Click Remove from Folder. The design will disappear from the Folder.



You can remove any design from any
Folder in any Group you have joined or
created, even if it's not your design. It
will just move the design back to the
main page of the Group. 


Rename or Delete a Folder

Click on the Folder you want to modify in the Group.



Admins can create and delete Folders in any Group,
even ones they haven't created or joined.


Click the down arrow next to the Folder name at the top of the page, where it appears next to the Group name.

Click "Rename" and type a new Folder name into the modal (box) that appears, then click "Rename" to confirm or "Cancel" if you want to leave the Folder name as-is.

In a Group, a user clicks on a folder titled Project A1. The folder page loads, and the user clicks the title of the folder at the top of the page (the heading) where a down arrow appears beside the heading. A drop-down menu appears, listing two options: Rename or Remove. The user clicks on Rename. A modal (box) appears over the screen with the heading Rename; the user types into the text field underneath, where the current name of the folder appears (Project A1) and changes the text to Project A2; the user then clicks the Rename button at the bottom of the modal. When the modal closes, the heading of the folder page now reads Project A2.
Click "Remove" to delete the Folder.

When the modal box appears, it will notify you that the designs in the folder will be moved to the trash. You can tick the checkbox if you prefer moving the designs out of the folder instead of sending them to the trash.

Click the red "Delete" button to confirm.

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For a complete overview
of what you can do as an Admin, 
check out our VIDEO Quick Start Guide.

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