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Delete a Group in your organization (Admins)

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Renée Meloche
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"Admins" are users with an administrator role on an Enterprise account.

Admins can use Groups in a similar way to other users on an Enterprise account, but Admins have more control over any of the Groups within the organization, not just the ones that they create.

Admins can delete any Group they've created, or any Group (public or private) created by other Members in the organization. This is helpful when if you need to start over from scratch when organizing projects and project teams; alternatively, you can just remove (one or more) Members from a Group without deleting the Group itself.

Delete a Group from the list of all the Groups in your organization, or from accessing a Group's main page.


Don't worry! Designs shared in a Group
won't be deleted if the Group is; Members
who used to be in the deleted Group will just
lose access to them. The designs will still be
accessible (and shareable!) by the user who
created them, via their individual
"My Designs" page. 

Delete a Group from your organization's Groups list

Delete a Group by clicking on your organization name to load the Groups list page, or click on the Group name (under your organization), in the left sidebar.

From the Groups list page, scroll down to the Group you want to delete and click the three dots "meatballs" menu at the end of the row the Group name is in. This will bring up the option to "Delete Group."


Delete a Group from the main page of that Group

Click on the small down arrow by the Group name at the top of the page.

Close up of the a group name header with the down arrow circled in dark red.


This will bring up the option to "Delete Group".

Click "Delete Group". A warning prompt will appear, advising "This will permanently delete the group [Group Name]. Deleting this group will delete all associated data, such as folders."

Click "Cancel" to abort the action, or click the red "Delete" button to delete the Group.

It's easy to remove designs or remove members from a Group, if you don't want to delete the entire Group. 

Pssst 🤫

For a complete overview
of what you can do as an Admin, 
check out our VIDEO Quick Start Guide.


Members can delete any Group they created;
they can't delete Groups created by others.
Guests can only view Groups they've been invited
to, and view designs in those Groups; they cannot
view other Groups, or modify, create or delete
any Groups. 

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