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"Admins" are users with an administrator role on an Enterprise account.

Admins can use Groups in a similar way to other users on an Enterprise account, but Admins have more control over any of the Groups within the organization, not just the ones that they create.


Groups you've created or joined are displayed in the left sidebar under your organization name, like this:

The My Designs home page of Venngage open, with a users's designs visible in the right view pane. The left sidebar has a dark red square highlighting the section below Team Templates, where three Groups are displayed under the organization name Venngage.


Click the name of any Group in the left sidebar to open that Group's main page.



As an Admin, you can see every Group created by 
any Member or Admin in your organization,
and access any Group in the organization
whether it is public or private and whether
you've joined or not. Members can see the Group
list on the organization page, but cannot access
Private Groups unless they have been invited to join.

See a complete list of the Groups in your organization

Click on the name of your organization from the Home page in the left sidebar menu to bring up the Groups page.

This page lists all of the Groups (public and private) in your organization.

A user clicks on the organization name Venngage in the left sidebar from the Home page. The page loads, showing two tabs: Groups and Members. The user clicks on Groups. The page shows a table with listed Group Name, Owner, Member and Group Type.


Under "Groups", you will see a complete list of Groups in your organization.

Close-up of Venngage Groups page pictured above, open to the Groups tab.


This list is embedded in a table, divided into the following columns:

  • Group Name - The name given to the group by the user who created it

  • Owner - The user who created the group

  • Members - Number of members currently in the group

  • Group Type - Public Group or Private Group



Your organization's Group list can be filtered by
Group Type (that is, Public or Private) using the drop-down
Type menu. Just click the down-arrow next to
type and select "Public" or "Private" to sort.


Click on any Group name in the list in order to open that Group's main page and see their Folders and designs, and a complete list of the Group's Members.


View all the Members within your organization

From the Groups page, you can click on the "Members" tab to display a complete list of Members in your organization, divided into the following columns:

  • Name - The name of the user who is a Member of one or more of the organization's Groups

  • Email - The email address linked to the user's Venngage account

  • Role - The user's Role within the organization (in the Venngage account)

Close-up of Venngage Groups page as described above, open to the Members tab.


See the Members of a specific Group

Open a Group's main page to see a list of the Members in a specific Group.

Click on the Group's name in the Groups List; or, if you're the creator or a Member of the Group, just click on the Group name from the left sidebar.

A user clicks on the Group named Business Team in the left sidebar. The Group page loads, showing multiple design folders. At the top of the page, next to the Group name, the tab Designs is underlined in blue. The user mouses over the tab Members to the right and clicks.


From the Group's main page, click the "Members" tab at the top, to the right of the Group name and "Designs" tab.

The Members page will display a list of Members in the group and their details:

  • Name: First and last name of the Member

  • Email: Email address associated with the Member's user account

  • Role: Reflects whether this person is an "Admin", "Member" or "Guest" in the organization

Close-up of a Group page as described above, open to the Members tab. The column headers Name, Email, and Role are visible.


Any Group's member list can be filtered 
by Role: whether the member is an Admin, 
Member or Guest in the group. The list is 
set to display all Group Members by default. 
Click the drop-down next to Role and select 
"Admin", "Member" or "Guest" to sort.


Pssst 🤫

For a complete overview
of what you can do as an Admin, 
check out our VIDEO Quick Start Guide.

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