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We use the data we collect from cookies to make sure Venngage's Editor and other products provide the functionality you expect and to keep improving on our application.

Why does Venngage need to collect my data?

The data we collect serves multiple functions, like:

  • ensuring you can log in using your credentials,
  • improving existing features and adding new ones, and
  • keeping our help centre and customer service providers up to date with the information you need to get the most out of our app.

Any additional communication you see from us, whether it's emails, videos or ads, is with your consent and we use the data we collect to keep it helpful and relevant.

Read more about data collection in Venngage's Privacy Policy.

How can I decide what data Venngage collects from me?

Manage cookies when you first sign up

When you first sign up with Venngage, you'll see a banner at the bottom of the webpage with options to accept or customize the cookies we select:




Click "Accept all cookies" to go forward without managing the data we collect. 
Click "Settings" to toggle off or on the cookies you prefer to have us collect data through.

Manage cookies after you first sign up

Sign in to your account. From the Home page (or any other page that displays your account settings), click the "Account" icon on the top right corner (the circle with your initials in the top righthand corner of window). 

Click "My Account" to open your account settings.



Click the "Cookies" tab of your account settings, and use the toggles to enable or disable cookie collection or specific cookie providers.

Toggle cookie collection or select or disable certain cookie providers

In the settings widgets, each section describes what cookies we collect and what data we use them for. 

Use the toggles to reject all data tracking under that section.
Turn off specific tracking by leaving the toggle in the "ON" position in a section, then using the checkboxes next to the cookie provider you want to allow or reject tracking from. 
The Cookie Settings widget displays 5 sections: the first heading, Manage Cookies, is where the user can blanket accept or reject all cookies. Three headings underneath: Functionality, Performance, and Interaction have toggles next to them for the user to enable or disable cookie collection. Each of these sections also includes a drop-down heading, 'Show cookie providers', that will allow them to individually select or deselect cookie providers by name. The last heading on the widget is 'Essential' and has a status 'Always active'. It has a drop-down heading to show individual cookie providers, but no toggle, since it must remain on for website and application functionality. At the bottom of the widget are two buttons: cancel and 'Save & Close'.
Under "Show cookie providers", you can see the individual services we use to collect cookies.
Save your new settings by clicking Save and close.

Why can't I disable all cookies? 

The Essential cookies we collect are necessary for ensuring the Venngage application and website work and that your sensitive information, like your login credentials, is kept secure. Without these, it isn't possible to use the Editor or our website.
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