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Release Notes January 2023

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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🦾 Improving accessible designs in the upgraded Editor (Beta)

💡 New Features

Keyboard shortcuts in the Page Manager

Work on multi-page, accessible designs with keyboard controls. 

In an accessible design open in the upgraded Venngage Editor, the page manager side panel is open in the righthand side of the screen, slightly overlaying the design canvas. The user navigates through the pages, duplicates, deletes and adds a blank page, using the keyboard controls.

When a page is selected in the page manager, use keyboard commands to modify, delete or add pages.

Switch between compatible chart types

Easily change the type of chart in your accessible design from the top toolbar drop-down menu; no need to reload your data. Just select the next chart type with the original chart selected, and swap! 

A slide depicting a donut graph with some text next to it is open in the upgraded Editor. The user selects the graph, then uses the drop-down Charts menu in the top toolbar to change the donut graph to a column chart, a bar chart, a line chart, an area chart, and finally a pie chart. The changes are immediately reflected on the design canvas. The data in the chart stays the same, regardless of the style.

🔧 Improvements

Scroll with selected widget

Click and drag a selected widget down the canvas in your accessible design; when you reach the bottom of the visible screen the page will move with you. This makes it easier to drag elements on the design canvas into position. 

An accessible design in the upgraded Venngage Editor entitled 'Instagram growth trends' features several icons around the header text. A user selects a green message icon, and clicks and holds to drag it down the design page. The page moves as the user pulls the icon past the visible part of the design, revealing more of the canvas. The user then places the icon next to text in a section about two-thirds of the way down the page.


Style more fonts with bold and italics 

Most fonts now have added styling options! Apply bold or italic styling to text in your accessible designs. 

A slide in an accessible design in the Venngage Editor displays a paragraph of text under a title, to the left of an icon depicting a person standing in front of a pie chart, pointing to it. A user selects the text box with the paragraph in it, and selects the text inside. The user selects several words and applies Bold styling using the button in the top toolbar. The changes are instantly displayed on the design canvas. The user selects another word and applies Italic styling, with the same result.


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