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Set up My Brand Kit with custom logos, colors and fonts

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Business Plan Administrators and Enterprise users can set up a My Brand Kit with their custom brand color palette.

Add your brand colors to My Brand Kit and access them from any design to easily apply them in reports, infographics, and more.

Why set up My Brand Kit?

With My Brand Kit set up, you can:

  • Access your Brand Colors and Logo(s) from any design you create under "My Brand Kit" in the left sidebar of the Editor.
  • Automatically apply your brand colors from My Brand Kit to the visual elements in your design.
  • Automatically apply pre-generated palettes to your design canvas. 

No brand colors? No problem. Create your own color palette with Venngage's Color Palette Generator.

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Access the Manage Brand page

From the Home page: 

Click on Manage Brand in the left sidebar from the Home page.

From the My Designs Home page on the Venngage website, a user clicks on Manage Brand in the left sidebar, where it appears underneath Team Templates. The Brand Manager page loads, and displays three columns: Brand Logos, Brand Color and Brand Fonts. Under the first two columns is a plus-sign icon with a notification bubble containing instructions for the user. Under Brand Logos, the notification reads 'Upload your logos to easily drag-and-drop them.' Under Brand Color, the notification reads 'Build a color palette that you can apply to designs.'. Under the Brand Fonts column, there are three subheadings: Header, Subheader and Body. Under each of these is a drop-down menu that displays the name of the font face selected for that type of text. At the bottom of the column is a button where the user can upload custom fonts.


From the Editor:

Click "My Brand Kit" in the left sidebar of the Editor, and click the "Set up my Brand" button. 

From their My Designs page, a user clicks on a design entitled 'Modern Sequoia Capital Pitch Deck' and it opens in the Venngage Editor. The user clicks My Brand Kit where it appears at the top of the left sidebar of the Editor. Under the headings Logo and Brand Colors, a green button labelled Set Up My Brand appears. The user clicks on the button and is redirected to the Manage Brand page.


Note: The ability to set up your Brand Kit through the Editor page is only present on the Classic Editor.

Set up your first Brand Kit

On the Manage Brand page, you can add assets (logos, colors and fonts) in each of the columns under "My Design Brand Kit" manually or automatically.

Add brand assets manually 

Add Brand Logos, Colors and Fonts manually by clicking the "Plus" sign under each heading.

Select logo images from your device's file explorer. You can upload JPEG, PNG and GIF (static) files, up to 2MB. 

Use the Color Picker to choose your brand colors, or enter the HEX or RGB color value. Click the "+" sign for each individual color you want to add.

On the Manage Brand page, a user clicks on the plus sign under the heading Brand Logos, in the first of three columns. A file explorer window appears, overlaying the screen. The user selects a PNG file of a two-tone green circle with a thick black border, then clicks 'Open' on the file explorer. The image of the green circle appears under Brand Logos. The plus sign appears next to it, so that the user can add additional logos. The user then clicks the plus sign under the heading 'Brand Color' in the second column. The Color Tool menu appears, which a color-picker wheel, a light and dark value slider, and a field where the user can enter color HEX or RGB codes. The user clicks on the wheel in the green portion and adjust the slider to a darker green, then clicks outside of the color tool menu to confirm. The user clicks the plus sign again to add another color. The user then clicks on the drop-down menu in the third column under Brand Fonts, and selects a font under the subheading 'Header'.

Choose fonts or add a custom font

Choose fonts for each of the text sections commonly used in designs: Header, Subheader and Body. Use the drop down menus to choose from fonts in our Editor, and any custom fonts you upload.

Upload custom fonts under the heading "Uploaded Fonts"; click the "Upload Font" button and select a *.ttf or *.otf file form your device. 

A partial view of Venngage's Manage Brand page. In the third column, a user clicks the Upload Font button under the Uploaded Fonts heading. A file explorer window from the user's device opens, overlaying the screen, and the user selects an .otf font file and opens it. A modal (box) replaces the file explorer window, with the heading 'Upload your font'. Text on the modal directs the user to confirm that the font they are uploading is not under copyright or other license prohibiting its use. The user clicks the check box to confirm and then clicks the Upload font button on the modal, and the modal displays a progress bar as the font is uploaded. When the progress bar is full, the modal indicates that the upload is complete before it automatically closes. Under the Uploaded Fonts heading in the third column on the Manage Brand page, the font the user has uploaded is visible.


Confirm the font's license is available for you to use when you upload; the progress bar will show you when the font upload is complete, and any custom fonts you upload will be listed under the "Uploaded Fonts" heading.

Add brand assets automatically

Add your brand kit automatically from your branded website: under "My Brand", click the link in "Add your brand colors and logo automatically."

On the Manage Brand page, a user clicks the link under the My Brand heading. A modal (box) pops up and overlays the screen, prompting the user to enter the URL of their website or confirm the one automatically detected by the tool. The user clicks 'Next' and the modal loading screen starts, as the brand assets are collected from the website entered by the user. The modal closes when the process is finished, and the logo, brand colors, and brand fonts are now displayed under the three columns; in this case, from the Venngage website.


Access the Manage Brand page in order to edit a Brand Kitset up additional Brand Kits, or delete an existing Brand Kit.

Exit the Manage Brand page

Exit the Brand Kit Manager using the path at the top of the page.

Click "Back to All Brand Kits" to see all of your Brand Kits. 

A user on a page with the heading My Design Brand Kit clicks on the 'Back to All Brand Kits' path link at the top of the page. The page returns the user to the Manage Brand main page, which displays two brand kits that the user has created: one labelled My Brand and the second labelled My Design Brand Kit.

If you access the Brand Manager from the Editor, click "Back to Editor" to get back to the Editor.

A user on the page for a design kit entitled My Design Brand Kit clicks on the 'Back to Editor' path link at the top of the page. The page returns the user to the Venngage Editor, to the design that the user was previously working on.



Admins on a Business Plan subscription can
set up assets for multiple Brand Kits,
accessible in the Editor from the left sidebar,
under "My Brand Kits".


Set up My Brand Kit as a Premium user

Premium users can set up their Brand Kit to see how it looks in the Editor, following the steps laid out above.

To use My Brand Kit in the Editor, add more than one Brand Kit, and upload custom fonts, Premium users can upgrade to a Business plan


The feature(s) discussed in this article is available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Business and Enterprise.

Curious about upgrading? Compare our plan features side by side.

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