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Adding icons to your design

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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Venngage makes it easy for you to access our extensive library of icons and images, including icons8 packs, and add them to your design canvas. 

Create a new template or click to edit any of your designs and open them in the Editor to get started. 

Search the icons library in the Venngage Editor

Click on Icons in the left sidebar of the Editor. 

Enter a search term into the Icon Search bar. The more specific the term, the less results you'll get. Vary your search terms to get a more diverse set of results.

Click "Show More" under the icon results to see additional results.

In the Venngage Editor, a user clicks on 'Icons' in the left sidebar to expand the tool. The user types 'notepad' into the icon search bar and hits enter; the search results return hundreds of icons of different kinds of notepads, including icons with a single color. Three buttons at the top of the search results indicate options for filtering the results: All, Color, and Mono (for single color).


Filter search results by All, Color or Mono to see icons with different properties.

'Color' icons are pre-colored; 'Mono' icons appear in one color, which you can customize

Click "Show More" under the icon results to see additional results.

In the Venngage Editor, the 'Icons' heading in the left sidebar is expanded and the results for a search for 'notepad' appear as thumbnails of hundreds of icons of different kinds of notepads, including single-color icons and icons with multiple colors. A user moves their cursor over the three buttons that appear at the top of the results: All, Color and Mono. The 'All' button is selected. The user clicks 'Color'. The thumbnails of the icons now only displays the thumbnails of icons with multiple colors. The user scrolls to the bottom of the thumbnails and clicks Show More, revealing more icons in the catalog. The user then returns to the top, and clicks the Mono filter. Now the thumbnails display only black-and-white icons of notepads.


Browse by category

Check out categories by clicking on headings to expand or collapse them. Click "Show More" to see more icons in that category. 

A close-up of the left sidebar in the Venngage Editor displays multiple headings, including 'My Brand Kit', 'Text', 'Templates' and 'Icons'. A user clicks on the Icons heading to expand it. When the heading is expanded, a search bar is visible at the top, and underneath it are multiple subheadings in alphabetical order, representing different icon types like 'Shapes and Symbols', 'Animals', 'People', 'Technology', etc. The user expands the category for Shapes and Symbols by clicking on the subheading. Many different shapes and symbol icons appear as thumbnails under the subheading. The user clicks the subheading again to minimize it, then scrolls down the list of subheadings and clicks Animals to expand it, again, scrolling down the thumbnails of different icons of animals in both multiple-color designs and black-and-white mono designs.

Click on any icon thumbnail under a category to add it to the design canvas. 

Add an icon to the design canvas

Click on an icon to add it to the design canvas.

Reposition the icon by clicking and dragging the icon into the position you want; resize the icon using the handles on the selection (bounding) box. 

A partial view of the left sidebar and a design canvas open in the Venngage Editor shows a user expanding the Icons heading, and typing 'paper' into the icon search bar. The user filters the search results by 'Color' icons and scrolls down the results, then chooses an icon of a multi-color icon of a paper stack with a red speech bubble over it. The user clicks on the icon and it appears on the design canvas. The user resizes it and then repositions it on the canvas.

Learn more about customizing icons.


Save an icon to your Favorites

Venngage makes it easy to find the icons you use most frequently in your designs. Follow the steps above to search our icons library and chose the icon you want. Add it to the design canvas.

Select the icon. Click the Favorite (heart) icon in the top toolbar. When an icon is favorited, the heart will fill with pink. 

The favorited icon will appear under the "My Favorites" heading of the Icons menu in the left sidebar. Favorite multiple icons to see them under My Favorites in the left sidebar. 

A partial view of the left sidebar and a design canvas open in the Venngage Editor, with the Icons heading expanded. A user clicks on the icon of a pie chart on the design canvas. When the icon is selected, tools appear in the top toolbar, including the Favorite tool, which looks like the silhouette of a heart. The user clicks the Favorite (heart) icon, and the heart fills with red, indicating the icon is favorited. The user then clicks the My Favorites subheading under Icons in the left sidebar to expand it. The pie chart icons appears in the Favorites gallery. The user selects two other icons on the design canvas and uses the top toolbar Favorite to add them to favorites; both these icons also appear as thumbnails under the My Favorites subheading in the left toolbar.


Add icons to the design canvas from My Favorites the same way you would normally add an icon: click Icons in the left sidebar, then click "My Favorites" and click on the icon thumbnail. 

Remove an icon from My Favorites by selecting the icon on the design canvas and clicking the Favorite (heart) icon in the top toolbar. 
The feature(s) discussed in this article is available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Free, Premium, Business and Enterprise.

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