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Adding icons to your design

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Venngage makes it easy for you to access our extensive library of icons and images, including icons8 packs, and add them to your design canvas. 

Create a new template or click to edit any of your designs and open them in the Editor to get started. 

Search the icons library in the Venngage Editor

Click on Icons in the left sidebar of the Editor. 

Enter a search term into the Icon Search bar (such as "box", "hearts", "circle", etc). The more specific the term, the less results you'll get. Vary your search terms to get a more diverse set of results.

Click "Show More" under the icon results to see additional results.


Filter search results by All, Color or Mono to see icons with different properties.

'Color' icons are pre-colored; 'Mono' icons appear in one color, which you can customize

Click "Show More" under the icon results to see additional results.



Browse by category

Check out categories by clicking on headings to expand or collapse them. Click "Show More" to see more icons in that category. 

Click on any icon thumbnail under a category to add it to the design canvas. 

Add an icon to the design canvas

Click on an icon to add it to the design canvas.

Reposition the icon by clicking and dragging the icon into the position you want; resize the icon using the handles on the selection (bounding) box. 


Learn more about customizing icons.

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