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Adding fillable forms to your design

Patrick Gabriel
Patrick Gabriel
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Available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Free, Premium, Business and Enterprise.

Add a form

Click Interactive on the left toolbar.

Select Forms. You can then click and drag the form on the page.

Edit form questions

Double-click the form. A toolbar appears on the right.

Change the text in the form fields under the Data section.

Each field has a text section and a customizable section. Delete a field by clicking the X next to it. Once you finish editing the design, click the green Save button. 

Customize a form

To access the form styling options:

  1. Double-click on the form.

  2. A toolbar appears on the right. Select Settings.

  3. Under Settings, you have a few options.

  4. After you finish editing the table style, click the green Save button.

  • Button Options: change the text for the sign-up button here. This includes changing the color, the border colors, how round the corners of the button are, and more. 
  • Submit Options: after someone has made a submission using your form, they are shown a message. Change the message they see and customize the font of this message under Submit Options
  • Field Corner Rounding: use this toggle to make the borders of the submission fields more or less round. 
  • Background Color: You can change the background color of the form here. 

Export form data

Open the design and double-click the form.

Click the green Export button on the right-hand toolbar.



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