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Available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Free, Premium, Business and Enterprise.

This article covers the following topics:

Add a color to swatches

You can change the color of maps, charts, icons, text, and the background of your design. The color tool can be accessed by clicking a droplet button that looks like this: 


 If you click the droplet button, you can see the color tool: 


Next, click the Shape Color One box on the top toolbar.


Finally, click the + icon under Swatch Colors to add the color to your swatches.


Color wheel

Use the color wheel to select new colors.



You can make the color more transparent by turning down the opacity. You can make it more transparent by increasing the opacity. Click here to learn about how you can make the background of a design transparent using the color tool.


Brand colors

On a Business plan, you can add your brand colors to your account. Once added, the colors appear in the color tool so that you can use them in your designs.


Swatch Colors

You can swatch a color to save it in the color picker. This allows you to use it in the future. To save your colors to your swatches:

  1. Click the item that has the color you want to save.

  2. Click the droplet button to open up the color tool.

  3. Add the color to your swatched colors by clicking on Add Color under the Swatch Colors section.

Color value slider

You can make the color darker or lighter by using the color value slider.


Add a color using the hex code or RGBA Numbers

If you already have hex code or the RGBA number of a color you want to use in a design, follow these steps to add it:

  1. Click any item you want to change the color of.

  2. Click on the color picker tool.

  3. Paste or type in the new hex code for the color.


To save your colors in your swatches, click the item with your chosen color.


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