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Wesley Bowles
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This article covers the following topics:

Note: before you edit an image, you need to make sure the image has been unlocked and ungrouped.


How to resize and crop images:

To make the whole image larger or smaller, drag the corner handles of the image. 


You can trim an image by dragging its side handles inward.


Drag the side handles outward to extend the image frame. When you reach the edge of a frame, dragging outward makes the whole image larger.


To reposition the image within a frame, click it and click Crop (on the top toolbar). Click anywhere on the page once you find the right position. 


How to apply a shape to an image?

  1. Click the image.

  2. Click on the Frame type drop-down menu on the top toolbar.

3. Click anywhere on the page to apply the frame.



How to change the image opacity?

  1. Click on the image

  2. Click on the Opacity button found in the left corner of the toolbar at the top. The lower you make the opacity the more transparent the image will be.

3. Click anywhere in the editor to apply your chosen opacity.


How to rotate an image?

  1. Click the image, then click the circular handle at the top of the image.

  2. Drag the circular handle in the direction that you want to rotate the image.

  3. Click anywhere on the page once you pick the right angle for your image.


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