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Collaborating with your Team

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Available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Business and Enterprise.

Who can edit designs together?

Users on a Business or Enterprise account Team members and administrators on a Venngage Team can edit designs together and share templates with other users in their organization.

Share your designs so that your colleagues have access to them

Multiple team members can work on one design in real time from the comfort of their own device. 

Share in Team Designs (on a Business account)

Toggle on "Share with team" from the Share modal to add your designs to the Team Designs page and make them accessible to other members of your organization.

From the My Designs page, a user moves their cursor over a design thumbnail and clicks Edit. The design opens in the Venngage Editor. The user clicks the Share button in the top right corner of the top toolbar and the Share modal opens over the design canvas.

Your teammates can only view the designs that you share with them.

After you turn on Team sharing, the design becomes available for them in the Team Designs folder. which they can access in the left sidebar of the Home page.

Share in a Group (on an Enterprise account)

Click the kebab menu on a design thumbnail on your My Designs page, and click "Share", or click the "Share" button inside of the Editor.

From the Share modal, enter the name of the Group you want to share the design in. 

[video-to-gif output image]

Collaborate in real time

Click "Edit" on a design in Team Designs (Business accounts) or in a Group (Enterprise accounts) to open it in the Editor. 

When the design is in open, your initials will appears in the top right corner, above the top toolbar. The initials of any other users that open the design in the Editor and work on it at the same time as you will appear under yours. 

A close-cropped image of the top right portion of the Venngage Editor shows several buttons, including 'Invite Team' and the user's initials, which appear as 'RM' in a circle. Another, smaller encircled set of initials appears underneath the first user's initials ('PG'), which the user highlights by moving their cursor underneath it. 



Share a template for others to copy

When you share a template with other users in your organization, they can create their own copy of the template to work on. 

Find the template you want to share with other users on your Home My Designs page, or choose from any design on your My Designs page or on the Team Designs page

Click the kebab (three vertical dot) menu beside the title of your design to bring up the settings menu. 

Click "Save as Template" and select "Team Templates". 

On the Home/My Designs page of the Venngage website, a user clicks on the kebab menu on the design thumbnail of a design called TEMPLATE Accounting Letterhead. The menu appears and the user clicks on the third option in the menu, Save Template. This opens two options: My Templates and Team Templates. The user clicks Team Templates. The thumbnail is still as it was on the My Designs page. In the left sidebar of the page, the user clicks the Team Templates link. The page loads, and the thumbnail 'TEMPLATE Accounting Letterhead' appears on the page. When the user moves their cursor over the template, they have the option to Create a new design from the template, or preview the design.

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The feature(s) discussed in this article is available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Free, Premium, Business and Enterprise.

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