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Patrick Gabriel
Patrick Gabriel
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Available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Free, Premium, Business and Enterprise.


Add Speaker notes to slides in any presentation template from the Page Manager toolbar.

A user scrolls down the templates page of the Venngage website and clicks on the heading Presentations under categories in the left sidebar. Under this heading are several sub-categories including Pitch Decks, Keynote, Business, Creative, and Engaging. The user clicks Create on the first template on the Presentation Templates page. The design loads in the Venngage Editor. The first slide has a dark blue background, decorative icons representing children, gears, and a globe, and the title 'Theory of Change: Outcomes & Impacts to Improve a Child's Wellbeing'.


Speaker notes appear on the slide you add them to.

Open your presentation in the Venngage Editor. Navigate to the page you want to add notes to.

Select or click "Speaker Notes" from the Page Manager toolbar; find it under the "Delete Page" (trash can) icon.

A close-up of the Page Manager toolbar in the Venngage Editor; the speech bubble icon is highlighted and the label 'Speaker Notes' appears beside it.


Type your notes into the text field that appears. What you write will save automatically; just click out of the text box anywhere in the Editor.

A user clicks the Speaker Notes icon in the Page Manager toolbar in the Venngage Editor, which is open to a slide with the heading '5 Simple Slide Deck Design Tips'. The user types 'Add your speaker notes here. They'll display when you enter Presentation Mode.'

Access your Speaker Notes

Download your design as a PowerPoint file or open your design in Presentation Mode from the Venngage Editor to see your Speaker Notes.

Click or select "Present" in the top toolbar of the Venngage Editor.

Click "Presenter" to open your slides. Your slides will open in a full screen window; the speaker notes will appear in a new tab in your browser, along with a smaller view of your slides.

A user opens a slide deck in Presentation Mode from the Venngage Editor, by clicking 'Present' in the top toolbar. A full-screen version of the slide deck appears; the user minimizes it. Behind the slide deck is the Speaker View of the slides, with a Speaker Notes section visible in the right-hand panel, next to a smaller version of each slide. The user navigates to the slide with the header '5 Simple Slide Deck Tips', and the speaker notes they typed in the GIF as described above appear next to that slide.


Now you can share or project the window with the full-size slides, and give your pitch or presentation from the Speaker Notes version.

A screenshot of a page in the Speaker Notes version of a Venngage presentation. The slide is on a black background, with the heading 'Current Slide: 3 of 5' identifying the speaker's position in the slideshow. To the right of the slide is the heading 'Speaker Notes', and underneath it is a space where speaker notes would display (in this case, placeholder text that reads 'Add speaker notes in the editor' appears).


The feature(s) discussed in this article is available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Free, Premium, Business and Enterprise.

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