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Replace a photo in your design

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Available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Free, Premium, Business and Enterprise.

Replace a photo on your design canvas with the Replace button in the top toolbar, or a simple double-click

Open the Replace Menu

Click the photo on the design canvas to select it, then click Replace on the top toolbar to open the Replace menu. 

Or double-click on an image in order to bring up the Replace Menu. 

A design appears in the Venngage Editor with the heading 'Most Popular Social Media Platforms for Marketing, and an orange, pink and purple gradient background. The user clicks the background gradient image to select it. A button with the label 'Replace' appears in the top toolbar; the user clicks the Replace button to open the Replace Menu modal. The Replace Menu modal opens in the left toolbar. It has three tabs: Icons, Photos, and Uploads. It is open to the Uploads tab. The user clicks the 'Photos' tab.

Replace the photo with your own image

The Replace Menu appears with three tabs: Icons, Photos and Uploads. By default, it opens to the Uploads tab. From this tab, upload a photo from your device to replace the image on your design canvas.

Replace the photo with another image from the Venngage Editor

Click the Photos tab to replace the photo with an image from Venngage's stock photo library. 

Enter a search term for a different photo. Click on the photo under the search bar and it will automatically replace the image on the design canvas in the same position and dimension. 

A user double-clicks on a photo on a design canvas in the Venngage Editor, which shows a white desktop with several gold-colored objects on it, including a pair of glasses, paperclips, thumbtacks, pens and a notebook. The 'Replace Menu' appears in the left sidebar, open to the Uploads tab. The user clicks the 'Photos' tab and clicks on another photo from the stock photo library: a white desktop with two hands holding a series of polaroid pictures over a notebook.

NOTE: To undo, click the Undo button on the top toolbar.



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