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Available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Free, Premium, Business and Enterprise.

How do I create a new video template?

Customize a ready-made template or create your video from scratch. Selecting a template from the Template Library will direct you to the video editor. Inside the editor, you can add individual scenes to the Timeline and make your edits.

*Note that selecting Replace All Scenes will erase existing content in the Timeline. There will be new scenes along with the new audio track.

How many finished video designs can I export?

  • Free: 3 exports - up to 5 projects

  • Premium (+ education/ education members): 20 exports - unlimited projects

  • Business (+ enterprise/ business members): 100 exports - unlimited projects

What are the dimensions of the video?

The following preset dimensions are available when creating a new video:

  • Full HD - 1920 x 1080

  • Instagram Post - 1080 x 1080

  • Instagram Story - 1080 x 1920

Pre-made templates are sized to work well with popular social media platforms.

Can the video dimensions be changed?

Yes, you can change the dimensions by clicking File Resize in the navigation bar. Changing the dimensions will destructively rearrange the existing elements on the canvas (i.e. if you go from one size and change it to another, the elements will move around and not be restorable if you select the original size). Currently, the only way to go back to previous settings is to undo the size changes.

How do I add elements to the video?

Using the left toolbar, elements such as background, text, images, shapes, device mockups, animations, and audio can be played into the video as layers on the video timeline.

How to move an element between layers to arrange its appearance?

Select the element you want to move. You can then adjust the order using Send Forward and Send Backward in the Action Menu.

What types of assets can I upload?

You can upload your own images, audio, and video via the Upload function on the left sidebar.

I dragged an object off of the canvas and how do I retrieve it?

A bounding box will appear when you hover over an object that falls outside of the canvas. This allows you to drag it back onto the canvas. Another method is to use the Undo function on the action menu (or Ctrl or Command + Z on the keyboard).

How does the video background work?

The background can be set as a solid colour, a linear gradient, or a CSS gradient background (CSS gradient backgrounds can be browsed on GradientHunt and pasted into the custom background section). Backgrounds persist as the bottom layer of the video and other elements can be added on top.

My view of the editor is obscured?

Currently, the editor size is based on the window size of the browser. You can refresh the page to reset the view to a new window size.

What’s the maximum length of a video?

A video can be up to 30 seconds long. The minimum length is one second.

Can I preview the video before exporting?

You can preview your video by pressing the Play button (or spacebar) on the left side of the Timeline.

What are the export options?

The Venngage Video Editor exports MP4 files.

My video isn’t exporting!

It may take several minutes to export your video file. Please be patient.

How do I share a video after it’s exported?

Once a video is rendered and exported, you have the option to download it or copy a video link to share.

Where can I find my exported videos?

After exporting a video, you can retrieve it by going to your videos tab and clicking preview on the template that you’ve exported. The export will be shown as available to download in the preview page.

What are scenes and how long can they run?

Scenes are individual clips you can add in the Timeline. You can change the duration of them and edit its content using the canvas. Scenes can be of any duration with a combined maximum of 30 seconds.

How do I add, delete and duplicate scenes?

You can browse for templates in the library and add individual scenes to your video. To add, duplicate, or delete a scene, hover your mouse over a scene and click the “•••” icon. This can also be done via the action menu or with keyboard shortcuts.

Add a scene

Click the in the Timeline or click on the button in the Templates Library if you want to work with an existing template.

Click the “•••” icon on the scene you want to replace, and select Add Scene.

Duplicate a scene

Click the “•••” icon on the scene you want to duplicate, select Duplicate Scene.

Right-click on the scene you want to duplicate, select the Duplicate Scene.

Select the scene you want to duplicate, click Duplicate in the Action Menu or hit Ctrl C + Ctrl V on the keyboard.

Delete a scene

Right-click on the scene you want to delete, select Delete Scene; or click the “•••” icon on the scene you want to delete, and select Delete Scene.

You can also select the scene you want to delete, click Delete in the Action Menu or hit delete/ backspace on your keyboard.

How do I organize the scenes in the video?

You can arrange the scenes by dragging and dropping them in the desired order.

How do I change the length of a scene?

Either hover over a scene and select the duration icon, or click the “•••” icon and select Change Duration.

This will open up a small pop-up screen on the bottom left where you can make changes. Drag the slider to adjust to the desired scene duration in seconds. You can also use the up/down arrows to add or subtract one second at a time.

How do I add music to my video?

You can upload your own audio or select music from our audio library. We provide a selection of audio tracks ranging from classical to pop music. Only one audio track can be added to the video each time. Adding a second track will result in replacing the existing one.

How do I delete an audio track from the Timeline?

There are two ways you can delete an audio track: either right-click on the audio track you want to delete, select Delete Audio or click the “•••” icon on the audio track you want to delete, select Delete Audio.



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