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Set up and use TFA (Two-Factor Authentication) for your Venngage account

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Available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Enterprise.

Enable TFA to add another layer of security to your account and ensure your login has additional protection.

Access your account details

Log into your account and click Account on the top menu. Select My Account from the drop-down.

A close-up of the Account menu in the Venngage top bar; the 'My Account' option in the menu is highlighted by a red box.


On the Profile tab, click the Enable link beside Two-Factor Authentication.


Enter your login credentials to confirm your access to your account. 


Review your account information—to change your email or your password here or add a mobile number, click on the "Edit" (pencil icon) on the top righthand corner and Submit your changes. 

Click manage two-factor if the information here is correct.



Click "Add two-factor" to access the authentication page. If you've added a mobile number, you can use the Select a method drop-down here to choose a method for contact. Ensure the number or email is correct, then click Send a one-time code.


Check your mobile device or your email for the one-time verification code; enter the 6-digit code into the field and click Enable

When you enter the code correctly, two-factor authentication (TFA) will be enabled. You'll be redirected to a page with recovery codes for your TFA authentication. 


Store your recovery codes

Record your codes somewhere safe and secure. You'll need these to complete a two-factor login if you lose access to the email or  device you used to set up TFA, or to disable two-factor authentication. Each code can only be used once

Click Done. On the Profile tab, Two-factor authentication will be enabled. 


Authenticate with TFA the next time you log in

When TFA is enabled on your account, you'll be asked to authenticate your login with your phone or email each time you access your Venngage account.

Get help from our team with TFA troubleshooting

For any issues with the following, please contact Customer Success:

  • Disable TFA for a specific user

  • Change the email address for email TFA

  • Change the SMS phone number for TFA

  • Change the password requirements for the Enterprise account



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