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Available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Free, Premium, Business and Enterprise.


What does publishing my design do?

Publishing your design creates a public link you can copy and share with others, to allow them to view your design without signing up for a Venngage account.

Venngage will host the design on our servers and provide a link for you to share to anyone you want to share your design with.


Who can share a design with a link?

Free account users can publish up to five designs, and use the public link to share their designs with others.

Users on Premium or other paid accounts can share a private link from the Share button in the top toolbar.


How do I publish my design?

Open the design you want to publish in the Venngage editor.

A user in the Venngage Editor clicks on the Home page and loads their My Designs page. The user clicks Edit on one of the templates under the Designs heading. The design opens in the Venngage Editor.


Select the "Share" icon from the top toolbar in the Editor. The icon looks like three circles connected by two diagonal lines, and is situated between the "Settings" (gear) icon and the "Preview" button.

A close-up of the right-hand side of the top toolbar in the Venngage Editor; the share icon is bounded by a dark red box to highlight it.


Select "Publish" to open the publish tab. You can also access the "Publish" tab from the Download menu.

In the Venngage Editor, a user clicks on the Share button in the top toolbar. A tool widget appears, overlaying the design canvas, with four tabs at the top, indicating tool options: Share, Download, Embed and Publish; the user clicks the Publish tab. The user closes the widget, then clicks the Download button in the top toolbar; the same tool widget appears, overlaying the design canvas, and the user clicks the Publish tab.


Review the information on the tab; publishing your design will make it visible to anyone on the web who has the link.

Change the title of your design before you publish if you want to replace the default. Type your new title into the text field under the "Public title" heading.



Want to see how your design will look before
you publish it?
Click Preview under the Publish button in the
top toolbar to see how your design will look
when it's published.


Click the "Publish" button at the bottom of the modal when you're ready, and copy the link to share it with others.

A user clicks the


Copy the URL under "Public link" to view your design, or to share it in an email, post, webpage or message.


How do I unpublish my design?

Unpublish the design at any time after you publish it from this modal.

Open the "Share" modal in the top toolbar. Click the "Publish" tab and select "Unpublish" at the bottom of the modal. 

A user clicks the Share tool in the top toolbar of the Venngage Editor; the widget tool opens, overlaying the design canvas, displaying four tabs: Share, Download, Embed and Publish. The user clicks on the Publish tab. On the tab, at the bottom of the widget, a button appears with the tag Unpublish; the user clicks Unpublish. Another modal appears, overlaying the screen which is darkened; the modal heading is Infographic Unpublished and the text on the modal confirms that the user has successfully removed their infographic from the community page. The user clicks 'Close' at the bottom of the modal, returning to the design in the Editor.


Click "Close" on the notification when your design is confirmed unpublished. 



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