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Adding and deleting audio from your video

Patrick Gabriel
Patrick Gabriel
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Available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Free, Premium, Business and Enterprise.


Add audio to your video design, from your own library or from royalty-free music in the Venngage Video Editor catalog.

Add audio from Venngage's library

You can upload your own audio or select music from our audio library. We provide a selection of audio tracks ranging from classical to pop music.

Select an audio track from the library: click Audio in the left sidebar or "A" on the keyboard. Choose a track from the modal. Click the play button to preview the file; to add it to your design, click "Add". 

NOTE: Only one audio track can be added to the video at a time. Adding a second track results in replacing the existing one.


Add audio from your device

Select Upload in the left sidebar of the Venngage Video Editor or press "U" on your keyboard to bring up the modal. 

Drag and drop an audio file from your device into the panel, or click "browse" to open a file explorer and select an audio file from your device. Supported file formats include *.mp3 and *.wav.

The audio will automatically be added to your video when it is successfully uploaded, and will appear under your video frames in the Timeline.

Delete an audio track 

Hover over the audio track and click the “•••” icon, or right-click on the audio track, and select Delete Audio.


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