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Available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Free, Premium, Business and Enterprise.

Venngage Videos provides you with the necessary tools to create videos for social media, your business, and e-commerce.

Check out the Template Library

On the home page, there is a Template Library featuring an assortment of pre-made video templates, a green Create New button, a My Videos section, and a Usage section. You can choose to either get started with a pre-made template or start with a blank template. Once you choose a template, you are taken to the video editor.

Social Media templates in the Venngage Video Editor, in 1:1 and 9:16 ratios. There are templates for HR presentations, hiring processes, promotional marketing, personal branding and more.

Get to know the Video Editor

The video editor provides you with a variety of tools for making videos. The editor includes a toolbar, video canvas, timeline, zoom control, and an action menu.

In the Venngage video editor, a video is open, ready to edit. In the main view, the video canvas is visible, representing the frame of the video that the user is working on; the bottom of the screen has a timeline toolbar where the user can control what frames they are reviewing, add music to, or want to delete; in the left side, the frame segments are visible. A minimized toolbar on the lefthand side shows icon for tools like images, text, icons, music and export options.

The video canvas at the center of the editor is where you can move items around, make slight adjustments to item sizing, and arrange all items in your video.


Learn the left toolbar

The left toolbar includes the following sections:

  • Library: access an assortment of pre-made video templates

  • Background: modify your video background with different colors

  • Text: add text and modify font styles and colors on your video canvas

  • Elements: incorporate interactive elements, shapes, ratings and QR codes in your video

  • Images: browse 2D or 3D stickers and stock photo catalogues like Unsplas and Pexels

  • Videos: Add animated GIFs or short stock video clips, from Lottie, Giphy, and Pexels

  • Audio: Add royalty-free audio clips and music

  • Uploads: Paste a URL here or insert your own file

Each section offers an assortment of media types and styles that you can choose from to add to your video or apply special effects to items in your video.

A close-up of the left sidebar in the Venngage Video Editor, with all of the icons representing the tools listed above visible. The first tool, 'Library', is open, showing design thumbnails in a partial view to the right of the toolbar.


Use the zoom function

Click the - / + buttons to zoom in and out of your video canvas.

A close-up of the zoom tool in the Venngage Video Editor, with a plus sign and a minus sign on either side of the number representing the amount of zoom (here it is 30%).


Edit your video from the Action Menu

Access redo/undo, delete, copy, layer arrangement, and lock functionalities.

A close-up of the action menu icons from left to right: an undo button, redo button, copy, delete, layer items to front, layer items to back, lock or unlock.

Timeline Panel

At the bottom of the Video editor, view the sequential frames of your video in the timeline panel. Use this tool to arrange, delete, rearrange and modify clips to create your video.

A close-up of the timeline panel at the bottom of the Venngage Video Editor. Different frames of the video are visible, with a red cursor marking the 3 second mark (visible underneath the timeline as the timestamp 0:003/0:30). There is a play button to the left of the timeline, and to the right is a plus icon which enables users to add frames or clips.

Play/pause button: click this button or use your spacebar to play/pause the video.

Use the red tracking cursor to navigate in the frames.

Download your video

Export your video in MP4 format.

A user clicks the Download button in the top right-hand corner of the Venngage Video Editor and begins the download process; a progress bar appears on the screen and updates as the download progresses.

Click the 'Download' button in the top toolbar.

A close up of the download button, a green button with the word 'Download' on it written in white sans-serif font.

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