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Release Notes Sept 9 2022

Patrick Gabriel
Patrick Gabriel
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Bug Fixes

Resize new columns added to a basic table without impacting other columns

Add new columns to a basic table in your design and resize each column with the column divider, without impacting the size of other columns.

A user adds two additional columns to a three-column table. The user resizes the second column from the left, making it smaller without impacting the size of the columns on either side of it.

When you add a new column, grab the divider and slide it to adjust the column width; this won't change the size of the columns around it.


Paste content into a basic table and content is formatted to fit table styling

Copy values (numbers, text) from an external table or chart and paste it into a basic table in your design in the Venngage Editor.

A user selects all the cells in a basic table; they paste new content into the table. The new text in the table replaces the old text, but the colors and font face and size remain the same.

The content you paste will be automatically formatted to match the styling already in your basic table.


This applies to content copied from within the table, too; paste it into cells with different styling, and it will take on the same styling as the cells.

A user selects the top row of a table, where the font size, weight and color are different from the rest of the cells in the table. The user copies the content of the top cells and pastes them into the bottom row of the table, where the content is reformatted to match the rest of the cells of the same style (different from the top row).

Change the style of the table fonts or the cell's background colors to match your design.

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