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Add an accessible link to text in your design

Renée Meloche
Renée Meloche
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Available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Premium, Business and Enterprise.

Open the accessible design you want to work on in the Venngage Editor.

Select a word, or section of text, from a text box.

Click the link icon in the top toolbar, and enter the URL or web address you want to use, then click "OK".

A user selects a section of text in a text box on a design canvas in the Venngage Editor and clicks the link icon in the top toolbar, adding a link to the text, as described above.

The link icon appears to the right of the unordered list (UL) and ordered list (OL) icons, and to the left of the text tag icon:

The top toolbar in the Venngage Editor, with the 'link' icon highlighted by a dark red arrow and an alt text tag that says 'Link'.

Ensure your link is visible to readers by adjusting its color or adding underline styling to make it stand out.

A user selects the hyperlinked text in a text box on a design canvas in the Venngage Editor, then opens the color picker to change the font color from black to a dark blue.

The color contrast ratio score of the color you select will appear at the bottom of the color picker menu, under the heading "Contrast Ratio":

A screenshot of the color menu for text in the Venngage Editor. At the top, swatch circles with various colors from the design are visible under the heading Project Colors. Underneath the swatches is a color gradient picker set to a slate blue. Below the color picker, a Hue slider bar and an Opacity slider bar appear, to the right of an eye-dropper icon for selecting colors. Underneath the opacity slider is a text box containing the HEX code for the color 254A7F. A divider separates the above from the lower half of the modal, where the heading 'Contrast Ratio' appears above the tag 'Normal Text' and two contrast ratio scores: AA and AAA.

The contrast ratio score displayed in the menu is determined using Web Content Accessibility Guidelines.


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