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Add accessible header rows and columns to a table

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Available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Premium, Business and Enterprise.

Use Venngage's Table Tools to indicate row and column headers in basic tables in a design in the upgraded Editor.

Add a table to your design canvas

Select the Charts menu from the left sidebar.

Click or press your spacebar (keyboard) on "Table" to add a basic table to your design canvas.

A user creates a table on their design canvas in the Venngage Editor by following the steps described above. The table appears with a top header row, marked with a blue background and bold white text that is different from the white background and black text that the rest of the content in the table appears in.

The default table is generated with a tagged header row at the top.


Indicate row and column headers

Select the table on the design canvas. (You must select the entire table; clicking into one of the cells will not bring up the header tool).

Click or spacebar (on a keyboard) Headers in the top toolbar:

A close-up of the top toolbar with the Header Tool icon, a black square with smaller cubes dividing it to resemble a table, highlighted by a dark red square.

From the Headers menu, toggle the Header Row and/or Header Column on or off. This applies different styling to the text or data in the header row and/or column, as well as meta-data that will flag the row and/or column as a header for screen readers and other accessibility tools. The styling changes will appear automatically in the table on your design canvas:

A user selects a table on a design canvas in the Venngage Editor and clicks on Headers in the top toolbar, as described above. From the Headers menu, the user toggles the Header Row off, then on, and the Header Column on, then off, before closing the Header Tool menu. The changes reflected in the table on the design canvas.

Note: Single-row headers and single-column headers are currently supported. If your data requires multiple header columns or rows, we recommend splitting it into multiple simple tables.


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