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Release Notes October 28 2022

Patrick Gabriel
Patrick Gabriel
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🔧 Improvements

Do more with Accessible designs in our upgraded Editor

Decorative by default: icons in accessible designs automatically tagged

Icons in designs will show up marked "decorative" by default. When icons are marked as decorative, they don't require an alt text description to make them accessible to screen readers.


A user clicks

Add descriptive alt text to an icon from the Accessibility Checker tool or double-click an individual icon to add alt text from the top toolbar.


A close-up of the

Learn more about alt text and how to add alt text to an accessible design in the upgraded Editor.


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Stacked, bar and donut pie: oh my! Add accessible charts

Add an accessible donut (pie), stacked bar or column chart to your design in the upgraded Editor.


In the upgraded Venngage Editor, a user opens the

Learn more about adding accessible charts to your designs in the upgraded Editor.


Background editor: access from top toolbar

Change the background color of the design canvas from the top toolbar, next to "Edit Page Size".


Click "Edit Background" and select a color from Project Colors, or use the color picker or eye-dropper to select a different color. You can also enter Hex Code to create a custom color.


A user clicks the

Learn more about editing the background color of an accessible design in the upgraded Editor.


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Add decimals to basic table and chart data

Add data which includes decimals to a basic table or a chart data.


A user edits data in a bar chart on a canvas in the upgraded Venngage Editor. They add decimals to data, which display in the chart itself.

Learn more about adding accessible tables to your designs in the upgraded Editor.


Share your accessible design from the Editor

Use the "Share" button in the menu above the top toolbar to create a shareable link that allows others to view your accessible design.


A user clicks the Share button, next to the download icon in the top left corner of the Venngage Editor top menu (above the top toolbar). The modal (box) that pops up displays two tabs: Share and Download. It is open to the

Learn more about how to share your accessible designs from the upgraded Editor.


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