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Release Notes October 14 2022

Patrick Gabriel
Patrick Gabriel
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💡 New Features

👁️ Shared design Views

See view analytics on new design thumbnails (preview tiles) on your My Designs page.

A user scrolls down their My Designs page. They hover their mouse over the preview tile of a design entitled “How Does Bitcoin Work”. The user clicks on “Copy link” at the bottom of the “Share this Design” pop-up modal that appears, and a message appears over the “Copy link” section that says “Link copied to Clipboard”.

Share your designs with a link, in a Team or a Group page, and the number of views will update on the thumbnail of the design you see on your My Designs page.


A close-up of three design thumbnails (preview tiles) on a user's

Accessible designs (Beta)

A user clicks

All Premium, Business and Enterprise users can now create and customize our accessible design templates and upgraded Editor with a suite of accessibility tools:

A user clicks on the info icon (an 'i' in a circle) next to the

Explore our articles about our accessibility features, or create your own accessible design.

More release notes:


Curious about upgrading? Compare our plan features side by side.

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