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Add a blank page to your design

Patrick Gabriel
Patrick Gabriel
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Available on the following Venngage subscription plans: Free, Premium, Business and Enterprise.

Add a blank page in your design from the Page Manager toolbar.


Select or click the "Add page" icon, which appears as a plus sign in the Page Manager toolbar under the "Copy page" (icon showing two overlaid pages)


A close-up of the Page Manager toolbar in the Venngage Editor; the plus-sign icon is highlighted and the label 'Add Page' appears beside it.

A blank page will generate in your design, in sequence after the original page you copied.


A design entitled 'Digital Marketing Infographic' is open in the Venngage Editor. The page counter in the Page Manager toolbar reads '1 of 1'. A user clicks the 'Add Page' button on the Page Manager toolbar. The page on the design canvas is replaced by a blank page. A small notification tag appears by the Page Manager tool bar that reads 'Page added', and the page counter now reads '2 of 2'. The user clicks the Previous Page button in the toolbar; page 5 and page 4 are identical copies of the same slide.

Add some design elements to your new page, or add some more blank pages to your design!


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