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Access the Color Palette Generator from the Venngage Tools page:

Generate a random palette by clicking the "Random Palette" button at the top of the color tiles. Scroll down and click "Load more palettes" to see the full range.

A user clicks "Random palette" under the Accessible Color Palette Generator heading. Three color palettes - sets of five color tiles - change to generate individual palettes. The user scrolls down the page and clicks "Load more palettes" to see an additional four sets of palettes, bringing the total number of palettes displayed to 10.

Each row represents a palette with a distinct focus—"vibrant", "light to dark", "pastel", etc.

A close-up of a color palette entitled "Vibrant palette" with five color tiles visible ranging from Kelly green through teal and royal blue to violet. Each color tile appears with a Contrast Ratio check at the bottom, giving its contrast score with either black or white text. At the top right of the palette is a "Download" button.

Under each color tile is the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines score relating to color contrast for either black or white text.

Click the "Download" button or screenshot the palette to save the HEX codes for use in your design or My Brand Kit.

A user clicks the "Download" button over a color palette entitled "Vibrant Palette" created in Venngage's Accessible Color Palette Generator. A file named "Vibrant Palette" is downloaded. The user opens the file from the download bar at the bottom of the browser window and a file opens with a list of HEX codes corresponding to the colors in the palette.

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