New tools and improvements to our upgraded Editor (Beta) 🦾

💡 New Features

🔧 Improvements

📈 Add area and stacked area charts to your accessible design

Area and stacked area charts help visualize total growth trends over a period of time. Use them in your accessible designs in our upgraded Editor (Beta).

A user opens the "Charts" menu from the left sidebar in the upgraded Editor (beta). Under the heading "Lines and Area", three new chart types appear: Lines, Area and Stacked Area. Examples of these three chart types appear on the design canvas. The user selects the last chart on the design canvas, a regular Area chart, and opens "Edit Chart" tools in the top toolbar. The Edit Chart tools appear in the righthand panel.

🔬 Simulate different types of color blindness and visual impairment

Use the Accessibility Tool to demo how readers with color blindness or visual impairments like cataracts or low vision will see your design.

An accessible design titled "Flexible Work From Home Jobs" appears on a design canvas in the upgraded Editor (Beta), with the Accessibility panel visible in an overlay on the righthand side. The Accessibility panel is open to a third tab, "Simulator", which lists different color blindness and vision impairment conditions, including achromatopsia (complete color blindness), tritanopia (difficulty detecting blues and yellows) and low vision. The user clicks on these buttons in the panel, and the design changes, displaying colors or resolution that matches the impairment described by the simulator.

📚 Layer visual elements and text in your accessible design

Use layering tools to move visual elements and text to the back or front of your design.

A design is open in the upgraded Editor (Beta). The user selects a white icon on the canvas, and moves it to the back using layering tools. Two circle icons, one blue and one orange, appear layered over the white icon; the user moves these icons into different positions.

🗒️ Check the accessibility of multi-page designs

Click on any flagged item in the Accessibility Checker to go to that item on any page in a multi-page accessible design. The accessibility checker now supports multi-page documents! When the checker runs, it will apply to the whole design and not just for an individual page.

A user in the upgraded Venngage Editor opens the Accessibility Checker with the process described above. The Checker opens in a panel overlaying the right side of the design canvas in the Editor.

🔣 Add suffixes and prefixes to chart data

Choose to display the percentage value in pie (or donut) charts, or toggle to "Value" under Number Format to enter a suffix and/or prefix to the data display.

A pie chart is selected on the design canvas of the upgraded Editor (Beta); the user clicks "Edit Chart" in the top toolbar. Under the "Data" tab, the user toggles between the Format under the "Number Format" heading, changing the display from Percentage to Value. In Percentage, the data is automatically converted to display the percentages (e.g., the number 430 is displayed as "10%" on the chart, since it represents 10% of the total data). In Value, the user is able to enter a prefix and/or a suffix, adding it to the data displayed on the chart (e.g., the value "430" displays as "$430" when the user types the prefix "$" into the field).

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