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Add a table in your accessible design in our upgraded Editor (beta) and:

Add a table

Create or open the accessible design you want to work on in the Venngage Editor.

Select or click on "Table" in the left sidebar to add a table to the design canvas.

In the upgraded Venngage Editor (Beta), a user clicks "Charts" in the left toolbar. The user clicks the "Table" widget under the "Table" heading. A table with four columns and six rows appears on the blank, white design canvas. The user closes the left sidebar and changes the zoom on the design canvas from 60% to 100%.

Move the table on the canvas: select the table with the space bar or clicking the outside edge of the table. The bounding box will appear when it's selected, and the move cursor will appear (a cross with arrows at the end of each bar). Move the table with a click-hold-drag, or the keyboard arrow keys.

Resize the table with click-hold-drag: hover the mouse over the blue circle when the table is selected and the resize cursor and bounding box are visible.

A table with four columns and six rows appears in a selected state on a design canvas in the upgraded Venngage Editor. The selected state is visible as a bounding box outlining the table, with two small blue circles in the middle of the outer column borders. The user moves their mouse over the blue circle on the last column on the right and clicks, then drags the border to the right. The table expands to fill more of the canvas.

Resize columns and rows

Hover the mouse over the divider you want to move, you will see the column-resize cursor (like the resize cursor with a vertical or horizontal bar in the middle). Click and hold, then drag to the width you want.

A user hovers their cursor over the border between columns in a table. The border, when highlighted, is covered by a thick blue line, and the cursor becomes a column-resize icon as described above. The user clicks and holds the cursor, then drags the column border, changing the width of the table column.

Add or delete rows and columns

Click into the cell where you want to add or delete a column or row. Additional tools for adding or deleting columns and rows will appear in the top toolbar, to the right of the cell styling controls (alignment and line spacing).

A user mouses over the top toolbar menu icons that appear with one of the cells in a basic table (the top two rows of which are visible on the design canvas at the bottom edge of the screen) selected. The icons appear as follows from left to right: Insert Row Below, Insert Row Above, Insert Column Right, Insert Column Left, Delete Row, Delete Column.

Add a column or a row: select "Insert Row Below", "Insert Row Above", "Insert Column Right" or "Insert Column Left".

A user clicks into the first column of a 4-column basic table on a design canvas in the upgraded Venngage Editor (Beta). The first column is twice as wide as the other columns in the table. The user selects "Insert Column Right" from the top toolbar; the new column appears in the table to the right of the first column, with the same width as the first column. The user clicks to select a cell in what is now the third column on the table, which is half the width of the first two columns, and clicks "Insert Column Left". The new column appears to the left of the former third (now fourth) column, and it is the same width as the fourth column (half the width of the first two columns).

The new row or column will have the same dimensions as the column or row of the cell you select to add additional rows or columns from.

Delete a row or column: select any cell in a column or row you want to delete, the click or select "Delete Row" or "Delete Column" in the top toolbar.

A user mouses over a basic table, with 6 columns and 6 rows, visible on a design canvas in the upgraded Venngage Editor (Beta). The user clicks into the second cell in the second column. The additional table tools appear in the top toolbar when the cell is selected. The user clicks "Delete Row" and the row in which the cell appears is removed from the table. The table now has 6 columns and 5 rows.

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