Open the Edit Background tool in your accessible design from the top toolbar in the accessible Editor. Click anywhere on the design background or editor space (outside the design canvas page) to bring up the "Edit background" tool and select it from the top toolbar. From here you can:

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Change or add Project Colors

Choose a color by selecting a circle underneath the "Project Colors" heading. This area displays colors already present in your design. When you select or click on a color under "Project Colors", the background color of your accessible design will change to match that color.

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Add a color you want to save under the Project Colors heading. Click or select the color in the color picker, using the "Hue" slider to adjust the color, use the eyedropper, or enter the Hex Code for the color.

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Select the color you want, then click "Add Color" (the circle with the "plus" icon) to save it under your Project Colors.

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Remove the background color by selecting "No Color" (the first circle under project colors with a slash through it).

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Select a color from anywhere on your device with the eyedropper tool

Select "Pick a color" (eye-dropper icon) to enable the environmental color-picker, which lets you hover over any color on your device's screen and select it.

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Change color Opacity

Use the Opacity slider to control the intensity of the color and how it appears overlaid on a neutral background.

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Select a color using HEX code

If you know the 6-digit HEX code that corresponds to the color you'd like to use, type it into the box above the label "Hex".

A user clicks into the HEX code field (above the

When you select a color using the color-picker or eye-dropper tool, the HEX code for that color will appear in the box above the "Hex" label.

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