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👁️ Shared design Views

See view analytics on new design thumbnails (preview tiles) on your My Designs page.

A user scrolls down their My Designs page. They hover their mouse over the preview tile of a design entitled “How Does Bitcoin Work”. The user clicks on “Copy link” at the bottom of the “Share this Design” pop-up modal that appears, and a message appears over the “Copy link” section that says “Link copied to Clipboard”.

Share your designs with a link, in a Team or a Group page, and the number of views will update on the thumbnail of the design you see on your My Designs page.

A close-up of three design thumbnails (preview tiles) on a user's "My Design" page, under the "Designs" heading. The first design thumbnail has "3 Views", visible at the bottom of the thumbnail, highlighted by a dark red box.

Accessible designs (Beta)

A user clicks "File" in the bar above the top toolbar in the Venngage Editor. The user navigates to "Check accessibility" and opens a right side panel over the Editor. The right side panel is titled Accessibility; it is open to one of two tabs: "Check Accessibility". The user collapses the heading "Document title" and clicks on the heading "Alternative text" beneath it. When this heading is open, visual elements (non-text) on the design canvas are highlighted by bounding boxes and tagged with "alt text" or "decorative" labels.

All Premium, Business and Enterprise users can now create and customize our accessible design templates and upgraded Editor with a suite of accessibility tools:

A user clicks on the info icon (an 'i' in a circle) next to the "Contrast Ratio" heading at the bottom of the color picker. A black info box appears. The box reads "To achieve the WCAG 2.1 AA accessibility standards, make sure your designs meet the following color contrast thresholds: Normal text: 4:5:1; Large text (at least 19px and bold, or at least 24px and regular): 3:1; Meaningful graphics: 3:1." A link at the bottom reads "Learn more about color contrast.".

More release notes:

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