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Make your document accessible

Create an accessible template in our upgraded Beta Editor.

From the Templates page

Search "accessible designs" or click on the category "Accessible" under "Browse By" in the left sidebar on the Templates page.

A user clicks "Accessible" under the subtitle "Browse By" in the lefthand sidebar on the Templates page.

Customize your design with text, photos and icons; and change colors and design elements like border width and alignment using the left sidebar and top toolbar.

[Video description: A user on the Templates page of Venngage clicks "Create" on the preview tile of a design under the heading "Accessible Templates". A pop-up modal (box) appears with the heading, "Make this design accessible with our new editor (Beta)". The user clicks the "Try new editor" button on the bottom of the screen, and the design opens in the Editor. From there, the user selects several elements, changing the color of an icon, checking the alt text options for another, and selecting an icon from the left sidebar and resizing it on the design canvas. End description.]

Check the accessibility of your design

Click "File" in the top toolbar.

Select "Check Accessibility" from the menu to open the Accessibility Checker in the right panel.

A user in the upgraded Venngage Editor opens the Accessibility Checker with the process described above. The Checker opens in a panel overlaying the right side of the design canvas in the Editor.

Follow the guidance of the Accessibility Checker. It will display areas in your design identified as being potential access barriers, in 11 possible categories:

The right panel (pictured below) will show areas the Accessibility Checker has identified as potential barriers to access, with the number of issues detected.

Click on each of the category titles to expand the section and read more about how to review your design.

  • Categories that need to be addressed will appear with an orange exclamation mark icon.

  • Categories that clear the accessibility check will appear with a green checkmark icon.

A screenshot of the Accessibility checklist panel as it appears in the Venngage Editor. The list is titled "Accessibility". Two tabs appear underneath: "Check Accessibility" and "Edit Reading Order". "Check Accessibility" is the column selected. Underneath is a list of the above 11 categories of accessibility. A message appears at the top of the list on a light yellow background, next to an orange exclamation mark icon, that reads "9 issues detected", with a refresh icon beside it.

Review or edit elements in your design. Check off items as you go, under each Accessibility heading, to confirm that you've addressed each issue.

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