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Customize your basic table to fit the style and visuals of your design, and display your data in an eye-catching way.

Click into, or select, any cell in the table to activate the tools in the top toolbar pictured here:

The table styling toolbar, from left to right: Font face picker, font size picker, Bold, Italic, Underline, Font color picker, Text alignment, Cell alignment, Line spacing, Numbered list, Bulleted list, Hyperlink text, Cell background color picker, Cell border color picker.

Add or edit text

Type text into a cell directly: click on the cell and type with your keyboard. Paste values into a table from an external source, as in the GIF below, with Ctrl+V or Cmd+V.

A user clicks into the top-right cell of a table with three columns and four rows, and pastes text into the table, filling each of the cells with text.

Hyperlink text in a table by selecting the text you want to hyperlink. You can link to a web address (URL) or another page in your current design.

Click the link icon in the top toolbar, and type the URL address into the field that appears and hit "Enter", or click on the name of the page in your design.

The text will be reformatted with underline to show the link is active; select the text again to remove or edit the link.

A user selects the text in the cell of a table on a design canvas in the Venngage editor. With the text selected, the user clicks the link icon in the top toolbar, and types in a URL as described above. The text is underlined when the link is activated.

Change font size, style, type and weight

Select the text or value in the table by clicking into the cell to activate the cursor and highlighting the text/value, or triple-click into a cell to select the contents.

Use the top toolbar features that appear when you select the values or text you want to modify.

A user selects the top row of a basic table in the Venngage Editor (three columns). They use the font face picker menu to change the font face, then the color picker to change the color of the font, then the size picker to make the font larger, and finally clicks

From the top toolbar you can modify the following:

  • Font face

  • Font size

  • Font weight or style (Bold, Italic, Underline)

  • Font alignment (Left, Center, Right, Justified)

  • Cell alignment (Top, Middle, Bottom)

Add a bulleted or numbered list or adjust the spacing of multiple lines of text in a cell from this toolbar.

The user selects the text in the middle cell of the table. They change the alignment of the text from

Change background (cell fill)

Select the cell(s) you want to change the background color of. You can do this either by clicking into them or triple-clicking to select the enter cell.

Click the solid square color picker that appears in the top toolbar; from here you can use the color picker to select a new color, enter the hex code of the color you wish to use, or the eye-dropper tool to sample a new color.

A user select the top row of a table (three cells). They click the solid square color picker in the top toolbar and change the color of the cells from dark blue to light blue.

Change cell border color and width

Select the cell(s) you want to change the border color of, by clicking into the cell or triple-clicking the cell to select it.

Click the square border (next to the solid square icon that lets you pick the cell background color) icon to open the color picker.

Select the new color from the color wheel, enter the color's hex code, or use the eyedropper tool to pick a new color.

The user clicks into a cell in a table. They click the border square in the top toolbar

Change the border width of cells from this menu as well. Select the cell you want, then open the color picker.

Move the width slider to make them thicker or thinner.

Use these tools to customize your basic tables and match them to your overall design!

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