Configure your view of your design canvas using your mouse or keyboard.

[Video description: A user navigates in the Venngage editor, using the Zoom feature in the editor to increase and decrease the viewing size of their design canvas. End description.]

Use the Zoom controls, located in the bottom right corner of the design canvas, to decrease increase the size of your design and see your full work or smaller details more easily.

A screengrab of a design in the Venngage editor, with the Zoom control widget highlighted by a red box: a series of three small boxes. The center box gives the percentage of zoom (here it's 100%); on its left side is a minus sign, on the right is a plus sign.

Click the minus symbol to zoom out and the plus sign to zoom in. The number (100%, 50%, 200%, etc.) will change in the control widget to reflect the percentage you've increased or decreased the zoom.

Here are some handy shortcuts for using Zoom outside the Page Manager tool:





(Command) + or -

Ctrl + or -


(Command) and scroll

Ctrl and scroll

Previewed, presented or published designs may appear with elements shifted out of place if your browser zoom is set above 100%. To view your designs, set your browser zoom to 100%.

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