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Folders are useful for organizing designs by project, type, or for keeping designs organized within My Designs, your Team or in your organization's Groups.

Where can I create a Folder?

Create Folders in the following spaces on Venngage to keep your designs organized:

You can create a folder by clicking on any of the buttons pictured below:

The "My Designs" page, with the "Create New" button in the left toolbar highlighted with a red square, and the "Create New Folder" button and "New Folder" buttons highlighted with red squares in the main viewing pane.

Create a new Folder

Create your first folder wherever your designs are saved.

Click "Create New Folder" on the page underneath the "Folders" header:

Close up of the Groups page with the "Folders" header visible . A bounded box underneath it contains an icon of a folder with a plus sign beside the words "Create New Folder".

In the "New Personal Folder" or "New Team Folder" modal (box) that appears, type the title you want to give your new Folder. Don't worry! If it's not right, you can change it later.

Click "Create" to create the new folder or "Cancel" if you're not ready to commit.

A user clicks the "Create New Folder" and creates a new folder entitled "My First Folder" as described above.

To move a design to a specific Folder, click and hold on the design preview tile on the page and drag it over to the Folder, then release:

User clicks into a Group from the left sidebar, then hovers over a design preview tile. The user clicks and drags the design toward the Folder in the Group and releases, and the Design disappears from the Group Designs page into the Folder.

Move a design between Folders more easily by using the Settings (gear) menu.

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