Bug Fixes

Bug Fixes

Progress bar chart spacing stays aligned when exporting to PNG HD format

Business and Enterprise users using "progress" bar charts in their designs and exporting them in PNG HD format were seeing a spacing issue between chart bars and labels.

Now charts stay aligned in designs exported to PNG HD, as in the design on the left:

[Image description: a side-by-side comparison of two Venngage designs displaying the same color scheme and four "progress" bar charts grouped together. In the design on the left, the charts are displaying correctly. In the image on the right, the spacing between the label and the bar of each chart is wider than it should be, and the four charts are overlapping and obscuring parts of the other charts in the design. End.]

Font face stable while typing in a fully "selected" table cell

Selecting a table cell to edit the text inside (instead of selecting text with the cursor, as shown in the GIF below) would cause the font of the text to revert back to default when typing. Now text in the table retains the font face the user selected, even when typing in a "selected" cell.

[video-to-gif output image]

[GIF description: A basic table titled "Project tasks". Clicking once on the cell that says "Create spreadsheets", the user selects only the text inside by dragging their cursor over it to highlight the words. The user then selects the entire cell below, including the text inside that reads "Meet with team", by clicking on it three times. End.]

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