New Features

New Features

Team Templates for Enterprise Users

[Image description: The Team Templates page of Venngage. Four designs are displayed in the window and the left side menu is visible. End description.]

Enterprise and Business users can now save templates as ‘Team Templates’ from several different places:

  • within the Venngage Editor

  • the My Designs page

  • the Team Designs page

Upon saving, users will see a pop-up confirming the save, with a link to take them to the Team Templates page:

[Image description: A close-up of the Team Templates page of Venngage, where the pop-up described above is visible. The pop-up appears as a blue box with white lettering that reads "Saved as Template in Team Templates". End description.]

Email notification to team members with Sharing

Business and Enterprise users who click "Share" on a design or template can now use a toggle to turn on team sharing.

When the toggle is switched to "on", two pop-ups (pictured below) will prompt them to either share the design with their team by email, or copy a link to use to share their design:

[Image description: A screen grab of the pop-ups described above. The first box says "Would you like to share this design to your team by email?" with a text box underneath prompting "Add an optional message for your team". A "Don't Send" option appears underneath the box, beside a green "Send" button. Underneath, another box titled "Share by Link" says "Members on your team can edit", with a link to "Use public link" and a white button with a green border that says "Copy Link" in green lettering. End description.]

Users can send the to their team email with or without a message.

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