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Team Templates for Enterprise Users

The Team Templates page of Venngage. Four designs are displayed in the window and the left side menu is visible.

Enterprise and Business users can now save templates as ‘Team Templates’ from several different places:

  • within the Venngage Editor

  • the My Designs page

  • the Team Designs page

Upon saving, users will see a pop-up confirming the save, with a link to take them to the Team Templates page:

A close-up of the Team Templates page of Venngage, where the pop-up described above is visible. The pop-up appears as a blue box with white lettering that reads "Saved as Template in Team Templates".

Email notification to team members with Sharing

Business and Enterprise users who click "Share" on a design or template can now use a toggle to turn on team sharing, or type in the name of a Group they want to share the design in.

From the Venngage "My Designs" page, the user hovers over the preview tile of a design and clicks "Share". A "Share with others" modal (box) appears, and the user clicks the toggle to turn on "Share with Team".

When the toggle is switched to "on", two pop-ups (pictured below) will prompt them to either share the design with their team by email, or copy a link to use to share their design. Users can send the to their team email with or without a message.

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