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Commenting feature for designs

The Editor now supports a commenting feature that will allow Business and Enterprise users to leave comments on a design, and respond to comments from other team members.

A user enables the Commenting feature in the Venngage editor by clicking the speech bubble icon in the top right menu next to the green "Share" button. A yellow border appears around the editor area, and the user clicks into the design, which opens a text books for adding a comment.

When comment mode is enabled, users can click anywhere on the canvas (on or off the design page) to leave a comment.

The text box of the comment tool in the Venngage editor. It is a white box with rounded edges. The blue background visible behind the text box is from the design the comment will appear on. Text inside reads "Add a comment" and there is a paper airplane icon to the right of the box that allows the user to post the comment when they have finished writing it.

A comment will appear as a pin in the editor with the team member's initials. Users can click on the pin to open the comment and reply or read the thread of comments from team members.

A comment from Sophia. Sophia's initials, "SW" are in the pin in the upper left corner of the image. Sophia's comment beside the pin is in a white box. The upper bar of the comment box shows "4/4" (indicating that this is the fourth comment in a thread of four comments); arrows for clicking through the comments in the thread one at a time; a horizontal meatball or ellipsis menu for more options; a check box within a circle (for resolving comments) and an "X" for closing the comment box. The comment below the upper bar is from Sophia. It displays the date and time that the comment was posted, and the text of the comment reads, "Adding comment." There is a text box below with a prompt that reads "Reply". There is a green button at the bottom of the comment box that reads "Send". The blue background  and white lettering visible behind the comment box is from the design the comment appears on.

When a user has addressed a comment, they can resolve it by clicking the check icon on the comment, which will hide the comment from view.

Resolved comments can also be set to visible by enabling the Show resolved comments option.

Comments can be hidden without being resolved when users are working in the design, or the user can close comment mode in order to edit the design while still being able to read the comments.


Update to Embed and Download menu interface

Within a cleaner version of this interface, all paid users can now:

  • select their preferred download format using a radio button

  • see a description of the download file format (e.g., "PDF: web-ready file for e-documents and texts")

  • toggle options to customize code generated for embeds

A universal Download button will allow users to quickly initiate download after selecting their preferred file format.

Two side-by-side images of the new download and embed menu interfaces, displaying the features described in the text above.

See more release notes:

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