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Editor tour - May 5, 2022

An interactive tour of the Venngage design editor, offering tool tips in the editor itself, is now available to all users in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

A user moves through the steps of the virtual tour in the Venngage editor. This includes pop-up widgets over various features in the editor that describe their functionality and tips for using them, e.g., "Customize your content", "Add design content", "Speed up your editing", etc.

Sharing Team Templates - May 19, 2022

Business team members can now save templates as ‘team templates’. Similar to My Templates, designs can be created from these templates, but these will be accessible by the entire team.

The left sidebar menu in the Venngage editor, with accessible pages listed. "Team Templates" is highlighted. In the right-hand pane several templates are visible under the header "Team Templates".


Email notification for team share - May 19, 2022

Business users who enable the "Share with Team" feature will now have the option to notify their team members via email through Venngage that a design is shared. They can can also copy a link to share to team members.

Two pop-ups in the Venngage editor relating to the improvement above. The first says "Would you like to share this design to your team by email?" and has a space for text, with two buttons "Don't Send" and "Send" underneath. The second pop-up says "Share by Link - Members on your team can edit" with an option to share a public link and a button to "Copy Link".

Customize choropleth maps gradient "steps" - May 26, 2022

With the new “Steps” map feature, users can easily show a wider variety of information across a map using a more precise and customizable color gradation. The new choropleth steps map helps users select up to 9 steps and select a wider variety of colors to display their information. There is also a new legend with the steps map.

A map of the United States open in the Venngage editor with the improved Steps feature menu open, showing the color picker and preset color gradients.

Users can visualize their data with the hover feature, an interactive feature that can be used when previewing a design. The data on the map appears when you hover over a particular state or country.

Free users have access to this feature but maps are limited to the Canada and US. All other users have access to all the maps in the left panel:

Detail of the map picker in the Venngage editor, showing Canada and United States maps available, and maps of UK, Australia, Europe and Africa with "Premium" tags, indicating they are unavailable for free users.

Update style curations - May 26, 2022

Templates for charts, ebooks, whitepaper, certificates, roadmaps, and cards have been updated to show more relevant, new and top searched templates.

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