You can use a variety of image effects to enhance your uploaded images and photos. The Image Effects menu includes settings for:

  • Filters: greyscale, sepia, warm, cool, and retro

  • Adjust: brightness, contrast, saturation, and tint

  • Colour overlay

  • Drop shadow: spread and offset

  • Return to original button to reset all settings

Applying image effects

  1. Upload an image through the Image Uploads drop-down or search for photos in the Photos drop-down.

  2. Make sure the image is selected on the canvas.

  3. Click the Edit Image button on the top toolbar.

  4. The Edit Image menu opens up on the right to access edit settings.

Note: if you make changes to an image using the Edit Image button, you have the opportunity to use the Replace button and the edits are applied to the replaced image.

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